What Women Really Want in Bed? || Tips to Satisfy Women in Bed

As a Man have you ever wonder what women really want in bed?

If yes, then this article is for you to learn all those tricks to satisfy your woman sexually in bed that she will ask for more.

Sexual satisfaction means two people exploring each other's physical desires with respect and reciprocation. You don't necessarily need to be in love to fulfill someone's sexual fantasies and desires.

Even if you are having sex with an escort or a call girl, then also you need to arouse her sexually so that both partners can satisfy each other for a perfect orgasm.

satisfy a woman in bed
satisfy a woman in bed
sex in bed

10 best tips to Satisfy a Woman in Bed

1. Dirty talk –

While in bed you can talk dirty to your woman by telling her how much you are aroused by seeing her naked and what you plan to do to her.

2. Undress her slowly –

Never rush to take her clothes off. Instead, kiss her passionately in between undressing her to ignite her sensually.

3. Kiss her, lick her, and love her –

Tease your woman or female partner by kissing her neck, lips, eyes, and thighs. Massage her breasts gently by licking and biting softly. Run your hands gently throughout her body.

4. Maintain Hygiene -

Take a shower and wear soft perfume before going to bed to set the tone for good sex. Trim unwanted hair and wear clean undergarments to make yourself desirable.

5. Making out at different places

Experiment with lovemaking in different places like the kitchen, study, or under the shower to raise the temperature. You can also try public locations for that adrenaline rush.

6. Use sex toys to add spice –

Different sex toys like dildos, vibrators, nipple rings, and leather whips can add extra spice and heighten the pleasure for women in bed.

7. Be a gentleman in bed –

Understand the needs of your female partner to arouse her and reach orgasm. Be wild and rough but not violent. Respect her body & emotions and she will take you on a sexual ride of ultimate physical satisfaction.

8. Using sensual food items –

Use different food items like chocolate, honey, and strawberries to ignite passion in the bedroom. Lick chocolate sauce and honey by pouring on her boobs and make her moan with pleasure.

9. Sex Positions

Explore different sex positions like 69, Lotus, doggy, and many more to increase her sexual pleasure in bed and rejuvenate your sex life.

10. Look her in the eye –

Women experience a higher level of pleasure when their partner looks in their eyes during sex. So give a passionate gaze to her when you are making love to her naked body.

The bonus tip is to reach her orgasm first before you do. Hold on to your erection and take care of her needs first.

If you follow the above-mentioned steps it’s guaranteed that she will reciprocate with greater enthusiasm and submit herself to you.