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How to have sex with family around | Ideas for sex with family around

How to have sex with family around as sex is a fundamental part of adult life. It helps couples to build emotional intimacy and is also a stress buster and fights depression.

But sometimes it becomes tricky for many couples to indulge in sexual intercourse with family around like parents or children.

Many people live in a joint family where lack of privacy is a big concern and certain couples find it difficult to manage time for sex after having children.

Many men try to look for other options to satisfy their sexual needs by hiring paid sex services such as escorts or a call girls preferably in hotels or resorts away from the prying eyes of their family.

In this article, we are going to discuss certain ideas which couples can try to have sex with family around to ignite the lost passion in their sex life & spend quality time.

1. Talk with each other -

Discuss how you feel with your partner and how much you miss being intimate with each other in bed. It helps to release some stress and understand each other better.

Don’t let frustration creep in your sex life by bottling up your emotions. You can also engage in light foreplay like kissing and touching each other while discussing your problems.

2. Look for opportunities -

Since many couples don’t get the luxury to have sex as per their mood with family around, they need to be more flexible with their timing.

They can have some intimacy when their in-laws or parents are out for any event or their children are sleeping preferable during late night.

It also add some excitement of being caught while in the action and add that extra spice.

3. Broaden your ideas about sex –

With limited time and scope having full-blown sex can be quite tricky with family around. In this case, partners should try to incorporate a wide variety of other acts in their sex life to keep the fire burning.

Hand jobs, blowjobs, and mutual masturbation can be good options to satisfy each other when you have less time in your hands.

Couples need to be more spontaneous and sneaky about timing.

4. Keep the noise down-

Couples can discuss and explain each other to keep quiet as much as possible while having sex . After you learn to do your business swiftly and quietly, you may even be able to get away with it in a house full of people. Doing this little test with giving you a real sense of just how much privacy you have.

Try playing music during sex when your parents are at home so that nobody will suspect. See if you can fix your bed's creakiness by tightening the screws. Hanging a tapestry on the wall and putting a towel under the door can also help.

Trying different sex positions during sex to make less noise can also help in enhancing the physical experience.

5. Choose unusual locations -

If you are not getting a chance to have sex in bed, you can make a cozy arrangement on the floor with blankets and pillows. Having shower sex in the bathroom can be a lot of fun and it also takes care of the noise issue as well.

Having sex in a car can be exciting but be sure the car is parked in a secluded place or in a private part of the driveway.

None of these locations are ideal but manageable if can be rotated in a productive manner.

6. Arrange for separate indoor space –

If it becomes really impossible to have intimacy while your family is around or you don’t get time due to children, the best way out would be to book a cheap motel close by and spend some quality time with your partner to satisfy your sexual urges.

You can also plan a romantic getaway or a picnic with your partner to a nearby park or a secluded spot for some alone time.

Make sure that your partner is up for it as not everyone is comfortable with the idea of having sex outdoors.